“One memorable moment working with A Little Bit of HOPE is when they held a Summer STEAM Camp for students at Hawthorne Elementary School. Kids in the 1st – 5th grade had the opportunity to interact with a STEM professional, build a robot, and take that robot home with them. Since that camp, everyday a kid asks when they’ll make a robot again. Before trying to build a robot at the camp, many students would say, “I’m not that smart, I can’t do this.” After working with A Little Bit of HOPE they realize they are capable. I think it’s really powerful they were able to leave with the robots – now they can see every day what they created, and what they are able to continue to create.”
Darrell Mercer JR.
School Guidance Counselor- Hawthorne Elementary School (Tulsa, OK)
“Exposure is life. Our students are evolving, and we must ask ourselves how are we going to help them evolve. A Little Bit of HOPE uses technology to help students evolve in order to secure jobs, stability, and financial success. If you want our society to continue to evolve positively, then invest in our students. If you want them to have a positive outcome in life, find ways to ensure they have exposure to important subjects.”
KayLisha Newsome
Principal | Tulsa Public Schools

“The A Little Bit of HOPE Computer Science Capstone Program was truly impactful for me. It was the first time I worked on a team technically, and I was able to utilize my Capstone Program experience in many of my behavioral interviews to secure internships. The mentorship the organization provided me was also extremely valuable. Not only did I receive industry insight, but I also learned how to use my voice and advocate for myself.”
Deonna Owens
Langston University Computer Science Student
Member of the ALBH Computer Science Capstone Program
“I volunteer with A Little Bit of HOPE because I support giving youth an opportunity in the growing technology industry. Many kids don’t get the exposure, and people aren’t always aware of what children are capable of doing and creating. I’m motivated to be a part of that because the early childhood experience strongly steers and impacts where kids end up in adulthood. I also want to see more technology programs and individuals that look like me.”
Donnie Dean
Technical Project Manager
A Little Bit of HOPE Volunteer

“LaRonda Johnson, Experiential Learning Coordinator at Benedict College”