529 Club Scholarship Application


Program Overview: 

This high-touch program equips families with training and consultation on the financial tool they need to bring their student’s dreams of higher education to life – a 529 plan. Program participants will receive end-to-end coaching on starting a 529 Plan, strategically investing in their child’s future, and positioning oneself to make college education more affordable.

Application Requirements:  

Thanks so much for your interest in applying for the A Little Bit of HOPE 529 Club Program! The application requirements are as follows: 

  1. Submit a video explaining how you would bring a little bit of hope to your community if you were a superhero.
  2. Submit at least two letters of recommendations. One must come from a faculty member of the school that the child attends.
  3. Must be willing to attend ALBH financial wellness classes.

Video Submission Guidelines:

Applicants will submit a 60-180 second video describing how they would bring a little bit of hope to their community as a superhero.

  • Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive and paste the link into the application field in the application. 
  • Ensure the YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive settings include permission to embed the video on an external site.
  • In the first 20 seconds of the video, state your name, your grade, and your school.
  • If you wish to restrict viewing, you may set the privacy settings to “unlisted” (but NOT “private”).
  • You may use any recording device readily available (cell phone, computer, etc.). The focus should be on your presentation and content, not video production quality.

How much is the award amount? 

A Little Bit of HOPE will select five scholars from their partnership school network to receive a $1000 scholarship.

If you are chosen as a recipient of the Hope Scholarship, the grant will be sent directly to a 529 that ALBH will be the owning custodian of with the child as the recipient upon graduation from high school. If the recipient chooses not to attend a college or university the funds may be used for a trade school or certification. If the recipient chooses not to do any of the aforementioned they will forfeit the entire balance in the account and ALBH will redistribute the funds to one of their scholars. The funds must be used within 6 months of graduation from high school. The complete application, including the video and letters of recommendation, is due by January 31,2023. 

What are next steps after application submission? 

Winners selected to be a part of the first 529 Club cohort will be notified via email with next steps about the kick-off of Financial literacy programming in 2023.

    Applicant Information

    Parent/Guardian Information


    Please list two letters of recommendations. One personal and one professional. In addition to providing the information below, your references will need to send a letter of recommendation to [email protected]

    Reference 1

    Reference 2

    URL Video Submission

    Disclaimer and Acceptance

    I hereby affirm that all the above stated information provided by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also consent that my picture may be taken and used for any purpose deemed necessary to promote the ALBH scholarship program.

    I hereby understand that if chosen as a scholarship recipient, according to A Little Bit of HOPE policy, I must provide evidence of enrollment/registration at the post-secondary institution of my choice before scholarship funds can be awarded.